About Raw Materials Design

Descended from four generations of self-reliant ranchers in the high desert of southern Idaho, Raw Materials Design founder Janna Lufkin draws her inspiration from the unadorned beauty and rustic charm of her family's Deep Roots in the American West.
Living miles from even the nearest paved road (let alone a supermarket or hardware store), those rugged Idaho ranchers are capable and self-reliant. When they need something, they often have to make it themselves. Learning to be resourceful and creative are survival skills that can sometimes spell the difference between making do and doing without.

Today Janna draws on that inherited self-reliance and independence as she creates products made from a few simple raw and unrefined Materials. Combining close attention to detail and a fearless “give ‘er a try” spirit, Raw Materials Design offers honest, down-to-earth products for honest, down-to-earth lifestyles. Each item is an everyday workhorse, made in the USA and guaranteed to last for years without special attention, care or coddling.

The line is aimed squarely at the busy, modern woman who balances the daily demands of contemporary life with the conviction that preparing and sharing a meal with her family and friends creates lasting bonds, memories and traditions.